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Discover The
of God!

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Learn more about
“The Language
of God in -
the Universe,” A
420-page, illustrated
book showing
the meaning of
The Star Gospel!

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Learn more about
“The Language
of God in Humanity”-
A 535-page book
showing the meaning of
Old Testament Symbols!

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Learn more about
“The Language
of God in History” -
A 520-page book
exploring the Pre Flood world of the Sethites,
the causes of the
Great Flood, biblical
World History, and
the purpose of Israel

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Learn more about
“The Language
of God in Prophecy” -
A 590-page book,
with 250 pages of
text & illustrations
showing the meaning
of The Great Pyramid!

Is Belief In God
Rational OR

Find out by

Proofs on
the Existence
of God”

Posted At
Janice Moore’s

Messianic Jewish and Christian Ministries -
History, Theology, Eschatology, and Apologetics
Research and Study Links

         Welcome to my related ministry links page. Below you will find links to Messianic and Christian ministry web sites that I have found useful in my Bible studies, and in guiding my walk with Christ.

         The first sites listed below are particularly useful for those interested in Ancient Biblical History, and the Mazzaroth, or Gospel in the Stars. The others deal with all aspects of Judeo-Christian History, Theology, Eschatology, and Apologetics.

         PLEASE NOTE: Though the following web sites contain valuable content, and are highly recommended for study and education, they do not always reflect the views of Helena Lehman, or the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Web Site.

Please Consider Giving A
Financial Gift To POEM

         If you have been blessed by this ministry and can help POEM financially, please consider keeping this writing and teaching ministry alive by giving to our cause. One time or periodic financial gifts in any amount will be gratefully received and joyfully acknowledged.

         To give a gift, please mail a money order, personal or bank check made payable to The Pillar of Enoch Ministry or to Helena Lehman using our ministry address, which can be found by CLICKING HERE.


      Scholar and Artist Janice Moore’s Christian Historical Research Web Site features unique illustrations, and biblically sound information about the ancient Post Flood world. In addition, her site features many valuable links for further study:

Janice Moore’s:

Visit Janice Moore’s Seeker World Web Site


      The following link will take you to the plentiful online historical writings of the Christian scholar Charles Scott Kimball. This web site is filled with well-written, extensively researched non-fiction factual ancient historical information. Like Book 3, “The Language of God in History,” and “The Pillar of Enoch” Fiction Trilogy, Charles Kimball’s “GENESIS CHRONICLES” section presents a non-fictional version of the history of the pre and post flood worlds revealed in the Book of Genesis.

Charles Scott Kimball’s:

Visit Charles Kimball’s Xenophile Historian Web Site


Study Links To Christian and Messianic Ministry Web Sites
On Apologetics and Eschatology

Visit Zola Levitt’s Messianic Ministries Web Site
Zola Levitt Ministries

      Great web site with many written, audio, and video teachings from a Messianic Jewish Perspective


Visit the Derek Prince “Legacy” Web Site
Derek Prince Ministries

      Wonderful web site with the many written, audio, and video teachings of Derek Prince, one of the great Christian evangelists and authors of the 20th Century.


Visit J.R. Church’s
Prophecy in the News Web Site:


Visit Jack Van Impe’s
Jack Van Impe Prophetic Ministry Site:


Visit Noah Hutching’s
Southwest Radio Ministries Web Site


Visit Dr. David Reagan’s
Lamb and Lion Prophecy Web Site:


Visit Dale Sides’
Liberating Ministries for Christ International

      A powerful Christian spiritual deliverance ministry led by minister, speaker and author Dale Sides that encourages believers to keep their focus on Christ and to seek deliverance from demonic attack and torment through the authority that Yahshua gives those who love and follow Him.


Visit David W. Lowe’s
Earthquake Resurrection Web Site:


For Creation-based Apologetics, go to
The Answers in Genesis Web Site:


The Pillar of Enoch Ministry is affiliated with several
Christian Web Communities and Web Rings
that would love a visit from you!
To visit them, Click on the following Animation:

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