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Click to go to ‘The Language of God in the Universe’ Home Page
Click the cover to learn more about “The Language of God in the Universe,” A 435-page, illustrated book showing the symbolic and prophetic meanings hidden in every aspect of God’s Creation, with a special emphasis on the biblical symbology connected to the Gospel in the Stars.

Click to go to ‘The Language of God in Humanity’ Home Page
Click the cover to learn more about “The Language of God in Humanity”- A 750-page book showing the meaning of Old Testament Feasts, Rituals, Symbols, and Architecture, the New Testament Parables and Symbolic Rites of passage such as Baptism and Communion, and their Connection to the Gospel in the Stars.

Click to go to ‘The Language of God in History’ Home Page
Click the cover to learn more about “The Language of God in History” - An 800-page book exploring the Pre Flood world of the Sethites, Archeoastronomy, the causes and affects of the Great Flood, biblical World History, and the purpose and heritage of God’s promises to Abraham and Israel.

Click to go to ‘The Language of God in Prophecy’ Home Page
Click the cover to learn more about “The Language of God in Prophecy” - An 820-page book that exhaustively explores End Time Eschatology and Bible Prophecy, with text & illustrations showing the meaning the Gospel in the Stars, the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx in their proper biblical and prophetic context.

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The Language of God Book Series
Synopses, Excerpts, Reviews, and Purchase Links

          Born-again Messianic Bible Scholar and Artist Helena Lehman created the Language of God Book Series (CLICK HERE FOR ORDERING OPTIONS) to offer a scholarly, Biblically-based challenge to long held secular beliefs in areas such as archeology, history, and religion. The books present compelling evidence from the Bible, Book of Enoch, Book of Jubilees, Book of Jasher, Jewish Legends, the Histories of Josephus and other works that Yahweh God made a clear prophetic record of His Will and purpose for mankind in the stars at the dawn of human history, as well as in the parables surrounding all created things. In ancient times, there was a school of godly mystics and sages called Magi who were governed by the likes of the Prophet Daniel that utilized this knowledge hidden in the stars and within the Earth to determine God's Plan, such as when Yahshua (or Jesus) was to be born in Bethlehem of Judea. It was these ancient Astronomers and Religious Sages that followed a special star to Bethlehem one fateful day over 2000 years ago.

      Like them, Helena has utilized the power of the Holy Spirit to study the stars, ritual symbols and created things to determine God's Will and purpose - in the far past, in the present, and in the future. What she has discovered is that the Gospel in the Stars is the key to the Language of God, the universal metaphorical language locked into Creation that reveals deep spiritual truths within the Bible's prophetic passages, as well as in many biblical religious symbols and rituals.

Language of God
Series Cover Animation        The Language of God Book Series consists of four generously sized, 6.14" X 9.21" quality paperback books with full-color laminated covers, original black & white illustrations, diagrams and charts, detailed tables of contents, extensive indexes, full bibliographies, and over 2800 pages of fascinating biblical, hermeneutical, historical, archeological, sociological, paleontological, scientific, and astronomical information within them that examines the meaning of spiritual symbols and prophecies through the light of the allegorical Language of God, and examines their vital relevance to Yahshua’s Two House Church today.

       This encyclopedic 4-book set is the ONLY book series ever devised that addresses all of these key areas of scholarly study in one 4-book set, and does so in a powerfully written, engaging style that any mature individual will find interesting, from the curious teen, to the advanced scholar. All four books are or will soon be available for purchase in the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Bookstore, and also at,,, or at your favorite neighborhood bookstore’s special order desk using each book’s ISBN number as listed below.

      PLEASE NOTE: The clickable cover images of all four books below the button links on the left side of this page will take you to the respective page for each book, where you will find longer synopses, book reviews, press releases, a full table of contents, and several book excerpts in PDF format for each book. There are also embedded links to all the books in the text below, as well as a special Language of God Series Introductory Book offer located further down on this page.

 In Book 1, “The Language of God in the Universe,” ISBN # 978-09759131-0-9, fascinating subjects such as the source of Sacred Astronomy, the Cherubim, the Gospel in the Stars (see an excerpt about Orion), the spiritual meanings locked into our Solar System, and within the structure of the Earth are covered. This book also explores the connection of the biblical Feast Days with Sacred Astronomy, and shows how the mysterious celestial symbols carved into the Ceiling Zodiac of Dendera are directly connected to Enochian wisdom and the Gospel in the Stars. This, in turn, sheds light on the clear prophetic connection between the constellation Orion and the Great Pyramid, and the prophetic meaning of the celestial symbols connected to Yahweh’s Two House Church, which is identified as Judah and Ephraim in Bible Prophecy. This book includes detailed charts, and 60 original black and white illustrations, including 14 innovative star charts of the 48 constellations in the ancient Zodiac. Book 1 is now available to purchase in the Ministry Bookstore.

In Book 2, “The Language of God in Humanity,” ISBN # 978-09759131-1-6, the connections between Old Testament Covenants, and the New Covenant are disclosed, along with the meaning of many biblical symbols, rituals, and feasts, and the importance of the Torah or Law in understanding Grace, or God’s unmerited favor. This book also probes the deep spiritual and prophetic significance of God’s Holy Days, such as Passover, Easter, Sukkot, and Christmas. In addition, this book explores the concept of the Two House Church made up of Judah (i.e. Messianic Jews) and Ephraim (i.e. Gentile Christians), and the messianic meaning of symbols like the ”The Ark of the Covenant”, which represents the Two House Church as the Body of Christ. Most importantly, the final chapter of Book Two applies Sacred Astronomy to Old Testament heroes and spiritual events surrounding Abraham, Samson, King David, and Christ, and shows how the symbols tied to the Gospel in the Stars may be the keys needed to unlock the secrets of Bible Prophecies concerning the Rapture, Great Tribulation, and Second Coming of Christ. Book Two is now available for purchase in the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Bookstore.
In Book 3, “The Language of God in History,” ISBN # 978-09759131-2-3, ancient history is discussed within a biblical chronological framework. Helena begins with the life of Enoch the prophet and the world before the Flood when the Watchers (a.k.a. Annunaki) and the Nephilim (a.k.a. reptilians or giants) filled the world with corruption and violence, and archeoastronomy was practiced by the ancient followers of Yahweh that descended from Seth. Helena focuses on several ancient monuments that have an obvious celestial connection, and which were likely built by the righteous descendants of the patriarch Seth prior to the Great Flood, such as Stonehenge, and the Great Pyramid. In addition, Helena takes a look at the pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico, which may be connected to Noah and the civilization he founded that was separate from those of his sons after the Flood.

       &nbsp Then Helena looks into the causes of the Great Flood and the Post-Flood world of Nimrod and Abraham. To better understand these distant times in history, ideas found in the Bible, the Book of 1 Enoch, the Book of Jasher, and the Book of Jubilees are utilized to give a more comprehensive picture of antediluvian society, the affects of the Watchers and the Nephilim, the origins of demons, and the spiritual beliefs and culture of the biblical patriarchs. Finally, Helena explores the reason why God chose the Israelites and gave them the Promised Land of Israel as an everlasting possession, and why Christ set up a New Covenant on Pentecost to supersede the original Passover Covenant set up with the Israelites. This much anticipated book is now in print and available for purchase in the Ministry Bookstore.

Finally, in Book 4, “The Language of God in Prophecy,” ISBN # 978-09759131-3-0, the End-Time Prophecies in the Bible and the Book of 1 Enoch, and the probable sequence of events on the Great Day of the Lord - when the Great Tribulation, followed by the Millennial Kingdom of Christ will take place - are thoroughly explored. Like Book 3, Book 4 also explores archeoastronomy, especially as connected to the Great Pyramid, the Great Sphinx at Giza, the enigmatic statues of Easter Island, and the pyramids built at Teotihuacan in Mexico, which all reveal amazing religious and prophetic significance.

        The Language of God is applied to Bible prophecies throughout this book, often with startling and intriguing results that will challenge and inspire even the most seasoned students of prophecy. Among these, the End Times prophecy in Psalm 108, and the Hidden Prophecies in Hallel Psalms 110 thru 118 are explored, showing that these Psalms are likely tied to the seven-year Tribulation period. Last but not least, the final, lengthy chapter in “The Language of God in Prophecy” applies Sacred Astronomy to End Time celestial events such as the three Comet sightings between 1996 and 2007 in the sign of Perseus, the Blood Moons or Lunar Eclipses, the Sackcloth Suns or Solar Eclipses, and other signs in the planets and stars between 2010 and 2018 that coincide with major Jewish feasts.

        Also in that final chapter, Noah’s connection to the New World and the Mayan date for the end of an Age on December 21st, 2012 are discussed in relation to the Signs in the Heavens that Yahshua asked His followers to pay attention to. The Book of Revelation’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which are tied to 4 Zodiac signs, are also discussed in relationship to December 21st, 2012, which may herald the beginning of the many End-Time plagues described in the Book of Revelation that will lead to the Battle of Armageddon.

        People interested in the End Times and prophetic interpretation will likely not be able to put this book down! Book 4 is now available to purchase in the Ministry Bookstore

       These 4-Book sets are only available at the Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site, and are not available at online or conventional bookstores. For substantial savings off the individual cover prices for all four books, you may purchase the Language of God Series four book sets as 4 paperbacks or 4 PDF format books on CD, or you may purchase each book individually. 

        Downloadable E-books are also available for a fraction of the Paperback and CD Prices. Use the convenient drop down menus below to order one or more of the books in the series. Be careful to select the correct book format desired before placing your order:

Use The Drop Down Menus Below To Purchase The Language Of God Series Books From This Site Via PayPal:

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL PRICES REFLECT A 25 to 35 Percent Discount Off Retail Prices, and all of the Books are BIG, ranging from 450 pages to 800 pages long (or 2 to 4 times the size of an average book!): Use the DROP-DOWN MENU to Select the Desired Book(s), Cd(s), or 4 Book Package. All Paperback Books ordered from the POEM Ministry Web Site come autographed by Author and Minister Helena Lehman and include a Ministry Bookmark. In addition, a Ministry Ballpoint Pen is included as a gift with each order from this web site, or using the mail-in order form.

Language of God Book Series
Paperback & CD Ordering Options

IMPORTANT NOTE: These Downloadable E-Books are now nearly identical in Price to the Kindle Books Versions, but WITH NO LOSS OF FORMATTING, unlike the Kindle versions. Use the DROP-DOWN MENU to Select the Desired E-Book(s). In order to access the PDF E-books, you will need to enter the User Name and Password that will be sent to you by Author Helena Lehman of the Pillar of Enoch Ministry after purchasing the books. After ordering, you will receive an e-mail from POEM with the access codes for the books you ordered within 48 hours of purchase.

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       In addition to the individual books, you can also:
Save $$$ ON FOUR BOOK SETS!!! ------ Save $$$ ON FOUR BOOK SETS!!!

        Bookstores can contact INGRAM/Spring Arbor for wholesale ordering of all books. Ministers and Church organizations can also purchase books in quantity from The Pillar of Enoch Ministry at wholesale pricing by contacting us. 

Language of God Series Special Offer

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       Curious about this informative book series, but not sure if you want to purchase all or any of the books? If so, Helena has put together a SPECIAL Language of God Series Introductory Package to help you decide, which costs $14.00 plus shipping, and is backed by the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Money-back Guarantee..

        This special package contains a 100-page paperback booklet containing one full chapter from all four books in the series, and the same booklet in PDF format on CD. The included CD also contains taped radio interviews of Helena Lehman speaking about the Language of God Book Series, copies of the PDF format excerpts from all four books, as well as PDF copies of all of the free essays and articles available on this web site. In order to help you make a more informed decision, there are over two hundred pages of information included in this introductory package.

So, don’t delay! Click the above “Add to Cart” button, or go to the Ministry Bookstore to order the Language of God Series today!! 

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