The Abrahamic Covenant - A Prophecy Revealed in the Star Gospel

By Helena Lehman of

The Pillar of Enoch Ministry


In the years that I have been operating in the prophetic, revelations that have come to me are not always through a dialogue between myself and the Holy Spirit. More often than not, they are a collaborative effort, where other members of the Body of Christ interact with me and I gain more understanding over what they share with me via the wisdom and discernment of the Holy Spirit. Then I write down the resulting revelation from the combination of other believer’s thoughts interacting with my own and the Holy Spirit’s.

As an example of this, a man who had been desperate to share a revelation from God with someone who might understand and accept what he had been shown wrote me one day and explained how the Holy Spirit had revealed the following to him. One day, as he stared up at the constellation of Orion on a clear, cool night, God showed him that the constellation of Orion, besides being a triumphant messianic figure, also represented the cup or chalice that Yahshua used at the Last Supper, while Taurus the Bull signified the piece of Matzo or unleavened bread that Yahshua broke in two before offering it to His disciples.

Though this man had known this for years, no one he knew nor the pastors at his church understood or accepted this revelation as valid. Frustrated, the man had kept this great truth bottled up inside of himself until he was led to my Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site and decided to reach out one last time to someone who already accepted the Gospel in the Stars as a true revelation of God. Thank God he did! Because, from that man’s observation, and my own understanding that Taurus the Bull signified the bulls that were offered as an atonement sacrifice for sin by the Israelites outside of their camp, I came to understand that the belt stars of Orion as well as the Giza Pyramids that they are tied to allegorically represent the crucifixion of Christ, where two robbers were crucified on either side of Yahshua on Calvary. To see some of my research proving this, see the exciting PDF book excerpt from Chapter 3 of “The Language of God in History” linked to below:


Excerpt About Orion’s Belt and Giza Pyramid Altar to Yahweh Correlation


Serendipitous incidents like the one described above have happened to me numerous times before and since, and each time I am led to a far deeper understanding or clarification of some deep spiritual truth that the Holy Spirit has already shared with me. Amazingly, as we draw closer to the unfolding of unfulfilled prophetic events in the Book of Revelation, these collaborative revelations seem to have speeded up - with one after the other bombarding me nearly everyday. It is truly mind-boggling and almost impossible for me to keep up with, much less finish the other projects I had been working on for God’s people like the Orion Code.

Just this week, another bit of prophetic reciprocity unfolded as a dear friend in Christ named Peter privately shared a revelation he had been given concerning the animal sacrifices that accompanied the first unconditional Abrahamic Covenant that Yahweh made with a special man then called Abram. At that time, as recorded in Genesis, Chapter 15, Abram divided three animals that were each 3 years old in two. These animals were a goat, a ram and a bull, while two pairs of birds consisting of pigeons and doves were killed but left intact on either side of the bloody covenant path they formed on the ground. These animal sacrifices are represented in several animal constellations surrounding the constellation of Orion, including Auriga the Goatherd, Taurus the Bull, and Aries the Ram.

After reading the account of the first Abrahamic Covenant with Yahweh in the Book of Genesis, I had always wondered how these animals were halved. Since it would have been easier to cut these animals in two between the rib cage and the pelvis, that is the way I tended to envision that it was done. But, after reading my friend Peter’s reflections surrounding this covenant sacrifice and another study he did concerning statements in my Language of God Series books relating to God’s calling of the nations to judgment, it suddenly dawned on me that the horned animals used in the Abrahamic Covenant surrounding Orion depict two ideologically different groups of people that are all considered to be children of Abraham. These groups can roughly be divided into two groups: the Muslim descendents of Abraham in Asia and the Middle-East, and the Judeo-Christian descendents of Abraham in the Western nations and Israel. Intriguingly, I first made a connection to Abraham and Orion in Chapter 11 of my book: “The Language of God in Humanity,” where it says:


BEGINNING OF EXCERPT from “The Language of God in Humanity:”

Abraham, the First Great Orion/Christ Figure

As shown in the last section, the constellation of Taurus is a very powerful sign loaded with meaningful symbolism. This is also true of the most prominent decan constellation of Taurus known as Orion, the Brilliant. In the Star Gospel, Orion can be seen as a prince and hunter searching for God’s Lost Sheep. Thus, Orion shares a connection to Abraham, who was both a displaced prince of Ur and a wandering shepherd who became a shepherd king. This connection is shown in heaven by Orion’s close proximity to the Zodiac sign of Cancer, which signifies God’s faithful sheep in a heavenly sheep pen, and the constellations Canis Major and Canis Minor, which represent the shepherd’s righteous followers and helpers in the Two-House Church of Judah and Ephraim.

In the Book of Jasher, Abraham is seen as a contemporary of Nimrod, and, along with Shem and Noah, Abraham becomes the main antagonist to Nimrod’s schemes to establish a one-world religious and political system. Though Nimrod initially succeeded in becoming sole emperor of the world in the distant past, God soon cataclysmically intervened to destroy Nimrod’s unholy Tower of Babel, as well as many major cities in Nimrod’s far-flung empire. In this way, Nimrod’s rise to power, his success at establishing a world empire, and God’s destruction of that same empire are all prophetically going to be fulfilled a second time when the Antichrist takes control of the world. The historical literature, and artifacts surrounding Abraham, and his role in Nimrod’s rise and fall will be examined closely in “The Language of God in History,” while the Antichrist’s rise and fall will be further described in “The Language of God in Prophecy.”

In addition to being a shepherd king, Abraham was also a victorious military leader. For example, Abraham showed his mettle as a great warrior in his heroic effort to rescue his wayward nephew Lot (Genesis 14:14-16). Though Abraham only had 318 trained warriors in his household, he successfully went against the combined might of the four king’s armies led by King Chedorlaomer. This King of Elam was the figurative raging bull in this epic battle between good and evil - and the Zodiac sign of Taurus, of which Orion is a decan, signifies him. As a figurative river that begins at Orion’s feet, the decan of Taurus called Eridanus represents all three rivers that Abraham had to cross during his wanderings. These were the Euphrates, the Jordan, and the Nile rivers.

Since Orion‘s Egyptian name means “Prince,” it can refer to two other important Bible characters: the patriarch Joseph and Moses, who were recognized as Egyptian Princes even though they were Israelites. In upcoming sections, we will discuss Joseph and Moses’ connection to Orion and to Christ as princes who delivered the Israelites from oppression.

END OF EXCERPT from “The Language of God in Humanity”


Due to this connection, I realized that the halved animals of Abraham’s sacrifice had far more prophetic implications if they had been cut in two directly through the ribs following the line of the spine! If they had been, each half of these horned sacrificial animals would have retained one horn like a unicorn, and this ties these pieces to the four-horned altar in heaven formed by the constellations Taurus and Aries as well as the one-horned Antichrist goat from Greece mentioned in Daniel and the one-horned Messianic Ram mentioned in the Book of 1 Enoch. Here is an illustrations from my book “The Language of God in Humanity” that shows this horned altar in Heaven:

The Horns of the Altar Tied to the Mazzaroth


Now, in the study that Peter had done, he wrote:

 Helena wrote, in “The Language of God in the Universe,” Chapter 6, page 276:  “In the prophecy of Zechariah quoted in the section on Sagittarius, the bow is symbolically tied to Judah, while the arrow is tied to Ephraim… Judah prophetically signifies the Jews, Ephraim represents both the United States and Gentile believers in general, and Israel represents all Jewish and Gentile believers worldwide.”

And she continued: “The key prophecy in the Book of Zechariah that upholds my suppositions about the involvement of the United States in prophecy is Zechariah 9:11-16.”

On page 277, (Helena then wrote): “Though all of Europe and Great Britain followed the culture of Greece to some degree after the fall of Rome, the modern nation that is the most like ancient Greece in culture and government is the United States.”

Though my friend stopped his quote from my book there, it will make more sense to those who are not familiar with my work if I quote the remainder of that paragraph, where it says:

“Here, fifty states operate virtually independently of the central government, just as the Greek city-states did for much of Greece’s history. Like portions of Ancient Greece once were, the United States is largely a democratic country, while Europe has become increasingly more socialistic. The United States is also similar to Ancient Greece in their tolerance of democratic forms of expression, and the free exchange of ideas between different groups of people.”

Peter then made the observations that:

“Sadly, the country of Greece is roiling in destruction: riots with the IMF imposing EU measures of socialism, with higher taxes upon them. What does this mean for the US at this time?

Helena then wrote in “The Language of God in Prophecy,” Chapter 11 (page 527). This coming totalitarian government has been dubbed the New World Order by its proponents, and it is succinctly represented by the head of Medusa (Medusa = USA). In Book Three, it was also shown how the severed head of Medusa gave the Greek goddess Athena or the re-born Eve her power to delude humanity with the Serpent’s evil wisdom even while setting herself up as a counterfeit goddess of light and truth.”

In the quote above, Peter added the comment in parentheses to make the point that that he sees the USA as the deceptive and deadly head of Medusa. Though Peter ended his quote of my work there, I would like to quote the remainder of that paragraph and the next, which were:

“In this way, Athena in one sense signifies Eve  Yet in another sense, Athena is a symbol for Naamah the daughter of the Cainite Lamech who became Azazel’s consort. Still later, Athena was a symbol for Nimrod’s wife, who made herself into a false Angel of Light like her secret master, the fallen angel Azazel or Satan.

Thankfully, Yahshua Himself will soon come to vanquish the Antichrist after he takes control and wars against the Tribulation Saints. At the appointed time, Christ’s armies will destroy the Antichrist’s armies, and Yahshua will be the one holding the severed head of the Antichrist as He shouts His victory cry!”

In his study, Peter’s concluding remarks were:

“Yet, the LORD warns those waging war in accordance to His Great Wrath and tells them not to become arrogant or proud. It is His will to restore afterwards His People. Then He will judge those offending nations. Zechariah, chapter 10 describes His plans for such restoration and judgment:

Zechariah 10:11 - “He shall pass through the sea with affliction, And strike the waves of the sea: All the depths of the River shall dry up. Then the pride of Assyria shall be brought down, And the scepter of Egypt shall depart.”

That Peter quoted this particular passage of Zechariah in relation to the judgment of the USA was very insightful - especially since the United States has a strong allegorical connection to ancient Assyria and ancient Egypt. The Egyptian connection is evident via the 13-stepped pyramid with the all-seeing eye atop it on the reverse side of Great Seal of the United States as depicted on the US one dollar bill. This pyramid symbol can also be seen as a link to the Mesoamerican Pyramid builders, who may have descended from Noah and his son Shem.

Taurus, Orion and Constellations of the Abrahamic Covenant:


Interestingly, the River being alluded to in this passage of Zechariah can be tied to the constellation called Eridanus, which depicts a river of fiery Judgment under the messianic constellation Orion’s feet. This celestial river alludes to the Nile, Jordan, Tigris and Euphrates rivers that run through the lands making up the geographical region known as the Fertile Crescent and that figure in the background settings of many Bible stories. 

This thought-provoking study done by Peter made me remember that, though many nations have followed the humanistic tendencies of Ancient Greece in modern times, the United States has adopted more of Greek culture and democratic ideas than any other nation on Earth. Unfortunately, the religious mythology of Ancient Greece was a Satanic counterfeit or corruption of the actual Bible stories encoded in the Gospel in the Stars.

In the Star Gospel, the head of Medusa is being held by the messianic figure shown in the constellation Perseus. Now, according to the Greeks, it was Perseus who rode the winged white steed shown in the constellation Pegasus and used the head of Medusa to turn the sea monster that threatened to eat Andromeda into stone, as shown in the nearby constellations called Andromeda and Cetus that are located above and below the sign of Aries.

Amazingly, one truth behind this Pagan myth is deciphered by comparing it to Old Testament Bible stories. When this is done, it becomes obvious that the head of Medusa signifies the head of the giant that the future king of Israel named David severed from the giant Philistine named Goliath after knocking the giant unconscious with a stone shot from a simple leather slingshot. This means that Perseus represents King David, who was a prefiguration of Yahshua in the kingly role that our Savior will fill at His Second Coming.

Now, the constellation Perseus is standing above the sign of Taurus the Bull, which signifies a raging red bull that has always been associated with God’s power, wrath and judgment. In my book “The Language of God in Prophecy,” I show that the sign of Taurus is tied to the Gentiles nations that are being reckoned as the descendents of the patriarch Joseph through his sons, who were both half Egyptian. Taurus is also tied to the myth of the maiden Europa’s abduction by the god Zeus, a myth which now allegorically signifies the European Union. Eventually, united with all the other Lost Israelite nations, the EU will transform itself into the New World Order, or one-world government and religion of the Antichrist.

This background information has been provided to help people to understand my initial response to Peter’s study, which points to the coming divine judgment of America. In this response, which was posted at my POEM discussion group where Peter posted his study, I wrote:

“Yes, America is the most like Greece, and like Greece under Alexander the Great, evil elements within it are attempting to rule the world. But it is not the final one horned goat of Daniel, though it is one of that goat’s horns. The dubious honor of being the one-horned goat (as opposed to a one horned ram/sheep) belongs to the United Kingdom.

Interestingly enough, both of these nations also have strong elements that are functioning as foils or antagonists to the New World Order that is being forged first by the USA, and next by the UK. There are two horns on the Ram of Aries and two on the bull of Taurus, and they form a symbolic sacrificial altar in Heaven. However, the horns of these animals also represent the two opposing sides of God’s Abrahamic Covenant nations.

IMPORTANT: Remember. Peter, when you told me about the revelation you had when God made a covenant with Abraham? At that time, God asked Abraham to halve several 3 year old sacrificial animals, which included a goat, a ram, and a bull. This is what that meant! The specification of 3 years indicates that this will happen 3 years into the Tribulation period, just as I initially suspected that the War of Gog and Magog would occur then! Furthermore, the pigeon and doves that were not cut in two signify the Tribulation Saints and the saved Jews/144,000 Witnesses who will work together and not be divided against one another anymore in the near future! Do you SEE it too, Peter? Hallelu-Yah that I do! Thank you Yahshua! Thank you Peter!

On the one hand, we have the people of the Covenant nations (the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe, Spain, and Latin America) that are spreading the Gospel of Yahshua (the Ram) and those wanting to fight the Antichrist with force of arms (the Bull). Both of these groups of redeemed people represented by these animals/nations can be seen as desiring to trample the New World Order and usher in Yahshua’s true reign of peace.

But on the other hand, there are evil elements in each animal/nation signified by its other horn that will oppose everything godly and holy. These will set up the New World Order and subdue many believing Christians and Jews in the process, followed by the Muslims after they help the New Agers and humanists take over the world and are no longer needed. Yes, the Muslims are being used by the evil leaders who are really in power, and they too will become victims of the Antichrist’s despotic reign.

Of course, Orion is a Christ or Messiah figure and can be seen as a Matador (signifying Spain/Latin America but also the other Covenant Nations) confronting the evil side or aspect of Taurus the Bull, whose horns are lowered to charge Orion/Christ and make war with God! Reinforcing the message of Orion that Yahshua is coming soon to conquer and subdue the wicked and uphold the Tribulation Saints and Jews, there is Perseus above Taurus, who has chopped off the head of Medusa and mounted Pegasus to save Andromeda, who partly signifies the Tribulation Saints and also signifies the Jews.

The head of Medusa signifies the head of the Antichrist, not any particular nation. Rather, the USA is to become the helmet of God’s head in a coming battle. This is why I foresee that there may soon be a military coup in America that will topple the Antichrist (Medusa) government currently in the White House. When that happens, it could be viewed as the head of Medusa being chopped off! At the time of this coup, a new government will be set up that respects the rights of Conservatives and Christians and upholds the US Constitution.

This new US government will seek to withdraw its support from the EU and UK that will be aligned with the Antichrist against Israel. When the USA stands by Israel instead, the USA will be invaded by the armed forces being directed by the United Nations/New World Order at the same time that the Middle East is subdued and Jerusalem is occupied by UN troops and becomes the Antichrist’s new headquarters. The armies of the world that invade the USA will be the Antichrist’s armed forces from Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

According to Washington’s vision, this invasion of the US will not be thwarted until Yahshua comes again with the holy armies of Heaven and defeats the wicked armies of the Antichrist trying to destroy the Tribulation Saints that will be hiding and making their last stand against the NWO in America’s wilderness areas in some of the southern and western states.”

In the last paragraph of my response to Peter on my discussion board, I mentioned a pre-Civil War era prophecy concerning America that has long been attributed to George Washington, the first President of the United States. This prophecy was reportedly shown to Washington in a vision when he was a General fighting in America’s Revolutionary War. In the vision, Washington was shown every war that America would fight on its own soil, and it has so far had an amazing fulfillment record. Ominously, according to that prophetic vision, only one major war remains to be fought in America, and this one sounds suspiciously like World War III since it will be waged against the armies from many nations inhabiting every continent on Earth.

The description of that final war that Washington was shown sounds suspiciously like the prophesied War of Gog and Magog in the Book of Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39. I envision this war as beginning in the middle of the Tribulation and ending with the Battle of Armageddon. I also see the War of Gog and Magog as a planned international invasion of two modern nations that are intimately connected to one another prophetically: the USA and Israel.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t see a war at the beginning of the Tribulation. I do indeed! However, I see this war as prophetically tied to the wars described in Chapter 17 of the Book of Isaiah, Psalm 83 and Psalm 108, which are wars that will feature Israel - with at least some backing from the USA and UK - fighting against many of her hate-filleed Middle Eastern neighbors. This war will culminate with the utter destruction of Damascus and other parts of Syria as well as the loss of some fortified cities in northern Israel. Just as many cities will also be abandoned as unsafe due to this war, perhaps from the deadly residue left over from the use of biological weapons or the radioactive fall-out created by nuclear weapons blasts. As a result, this war will also lead to the false 7-year peace treaty that will likely be signed between Israel, its subdued Muslim neighbors, and many other powerful nations. This treaty will likely ban all weapons of mass destruction and contain a plan to destroy them.

Incidentally, as a result of Peter’s study, I now see the severing of Medusa’s head as being described in Psalm 109, which is a curse spoken against an evil leader whose life will be cut short due to his dastardly deeds against God Almighty and His covenant people Israel. Though I originally suspected that this evil leader might be the dictatorial presidents of either North Korea or Iran, who are the sworn enemies of both the United States and Israel, I have since come to suspect that this evil man is none other than the 44th President of the United States: Barack Hussein Obama. This man’s words and actions tell me that he is not only at war with Christ’s followers in America and the Jews in the nation of Israel, but may also be the King of the South, who bears a strong correlation to the Muslim Antichrist figure known as the Mahdi.

Incidentally, President Obama had a proud Muslim father who was born in Kenya, which is due South of Israel. In addition, Obama was raised as a Muslim in Muslim countries where he attended Muslim schools, and he has made it abundantly clear that he favors Tyranny, Socialism, Humanism, and Muslim ideologies above Capitalism, Democracy, and Christian and Jewish religious philosophies.

Before ending this article, some explanation may be needed for readers to understand why I tied the Tribulation Saints and 144,000 Witnesses to the pigeons and doves used by Abraham in sacrifice to seal his Covenant with Yahweh. The reason for this is best explained by the following excerpt from pages 690 through 694 of my book “The Language of God In History:”


BEGINNING OF EXCERPT from “The Language of God in History:”

Feathers and Wings - Symbols for Noah and His Kin

Since Noah likely spoke an early form of Hebrew, he would likely have known the phonetic connection of the word “notsah” to his name. Could it be, then, that Noah adopted the symbol of a brightly plumed bird like the Quetzal (possibly with a dead snake in its claws) as his own symbol since his name was linked to a word meaning “feathered” or “plumed?” Amazingly, there is a biblical reason to believe this hypothesis, which is found in a peculiar phonetic similarity between two other Hebrew words: “ebrah” and “eber.” Now, “ebrah” is the Hebrew root word for “feather,” and it sounds very similar to the name “Eber,” who was a direct descendant of Noah’s son Shem. In fact, Eber was the celebrated ancestor of the Hebrews - from whom the Israelites originated (See Genesis 10:22-25). Therefore, though the name Eber is derived from the Hebrew word “eber” meaning “eastward region,” it sounds like the word for ”feathers,” as shown in this Scripture:

“He shall cover you with His feathers (Hebrew: “ebrah”), and under His wings (Hebrew: “kanaph”) you shall take refuge; his truth shall be your shield and buckler.” - Psalm 91:4 (NKJ)

Could the Hebrew word for feathers - “ebrah” - be one of the root words used to derive the name “Eber?” Is it possible that “eastward” or “of the east” was the primary meaning of Shem’s great grandson Eber’s name, with “feathered” or “winged” being its secondary meaning?  If so, then the word ”eber” could mean “Bird of the East.” Supporting this theory, there is an uncanny similarity between the root word “ebrah” and the name Abram or Abraham, who was a direct descendent of Eber. Now, suppose Noah - as an inhabitant of the Mesoamerican part of Middle Earth - had adopted a brightly plumed bird that killed and ate frogs and lizards like the Quetzal as his symbol. If he did, wouldn’t it make sense for the early Hebrews, whose ancestor Eber’s name could mean “feathered” or “eastward,” to do the same? This may be exactly what they did. In fact, it would make sense for the ancient followers of Yahweh - who knew the Gospel in the Stars - to use a lizard or snake-killing bird like the eagle, hawk, Ibis or Quetzal as a symbol for their religion and culture.

There are some peculiar behaviors associated with the Resplendent Quetzal that is native to Mesoamerica that would have made them an ideal symbol for Noah and his kin. First of all, Quetzals love their privacy and independence, often living alone until mating season, when they seek out their mates. As a result, Quetzals often do very poorly in captivity, usually starving themselves to death if not set free. They therefore have become a symbol of liberty and freedom in countries like Mexico where they are native. In addition, Quetzal birds often mate for life and the male and female both share in the task of incubating eggs and raising their young. As a result, they are a symbol of family strength and unity. Quetzals also have crested heads (like Mesoamerican royalty with their feathered headdresses), thick, gorgeous green and red plumage, and large eyes with excellent vision in dimly lit situations. They therefore represent physical beauty. Interestingly, eagles also share many of these traits.

Besides all these aforementioned connecting traits to Noah, Quetzals eat damaging insects, lizards, frogs and scorpions as well as whole fruits like avocados and the fruits of the laurel tree family. However, these birds regurgitate the pits afterward, thus helping to propagate these species of trees in imitation of Noah, who surely was the Post-Flood world’s first expert astronomer, botanist, herbal pharmacist, farmer and conservationist.

According to most archeologists, the Quetzal was deeply revered by Mesoamerican (i.e. Central American) cultures like the Maya, where it was a crime to kill a Quetzal. However, since the tail feathers of the Quetzal were used ceremonially to link Mesoamerican kings to their civilizing and agricultural god Quetzalcoatl, Quetzals were often captured and their tail-feathers plucked before they were released back into the wild. The Quetzal’s two-foot long iridescent green tail feathers were then used to decorate the headdresses of kings and head priests.

It is my contention that the Mayan civilization and culture may have developed from Noah’s other descendents besides Shem, Ham and Japheth that settled in North America, Mesoamerica, and the northernmost portion of South America. In addition, Noah himself dwelled in Mesoamerica with his own kin and Shem and his clan were probably frequent visitors in Noah’s domain until Nimrod and his armies invaded their domain and ousted them all. Later, I believe that the native civilization that arose afterward were influenced by Israelite, Phoenician and Carthaginian sailors - as well as sailors from other diverse places such as Rome and China.

Many diverse adventurers from the Old World likely sailed along the shores of the Americas, traded and warred with, and sometimes settled among the local native populace. In fact, long before this, the fabled city of Atlantis may have been just to the south of Noah’s domain in South America - where some of the descendents of Ham may have settled after the Flood and built an amazingly sophisticated civilization that eventually succumbed to the Way of Cain. Therefore, when Nimrod’s empire was supernaturally destroyed by fire and brimstone from heaven, the city of Atlantis may also have been destroyed - sinking into oblivion due to massive earthquakes and tsunamis.

Now, since Noah likely knew about the Longitudinal Meridian connections of the Earth as shown in Chapter Six, he would have known that his region of the Earth in the Americas was tied to Aquarius and Capricorn, which signify Noah’s salvation in the Ark through the waters of the Flood in the Gospel in the Stars. In addition, Noah would have known that Shem’s lands and his own adjoined at the Scorpio-Sagittarius Meridian over Hawaii that signified the great spiritual battle that would take place before the coming of the expected Messiah Yahshua as King of kings! In essence then, the Feathered Serpent “god” known as Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan in the Americas may have originally been a symbol for Noah and Shem that was later bastardized to signify the usurping power of Nimrod and the Way of Cain! In fact, the name Kukulcan could be phonetically connected to the name “Cain,” who was probably known as Kane to the Hawaiians and Kukulcan to various Mesoamerican tribes.

In Psalm 91:4, which was quoted earlier, the word “kanaph,” meaning “wings,” is pronounced “kau-nowf.” Therefore, this word has a connection to both Cain’s name and Noah’s Hebrew name: “Noach.” However, in Psalm 68:13, the word “ebrah” is linked to the symbolism of a sheep pen and a dove, in which the sheep are a symbol for Christ’s followers, while the dove is a winged and feathered symbol for the Holy Spirit:

“Though you lie down among the sheepfolds, yet you will be like the wings (i.e. “kanaph”) of a dove (i.e. “yownah”) covered with silver, and her feathers (i.e. “ebrah”) with yellow gold.” - Psalm 68:13 (NKJ)

Interestingly, the last two letters of the Hebrew word for dove are the Hebrew letters “Nun” or “N” and “Hey” or “H,” which - when placed alone - spell the name Noah in Hebrew! This is likely one reason why Father Yahweh chose to represent the Holy Spirit as a dove coming down out of heaven onto Yahshua when He was baptized by John in the Jordan River:

“And the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon Him, and a voice came from heaven which said, ‘You are My beloved Son; in You I am well pleased.’” - Luke 3:22 (NKJ)

 This passage shows that the symbol of a sheepfold, feathers, wings, and a dove or white bird are tied to the followers of Yahweh like Noah!  In addition, note the verse numbers of the last two Scriptures quoted showing the connection of the name “Noah” with the Hebrew words for feathers and wings. The first is verse 13, while the second is verse 22, and - as shown in Book 4 - both of these numbers are associated with the end of this world system and the Millennial Rule of Christ.

To show the interchangeability of these words “ebrah” and “kanaph,” the following Scripture illustrates that both Hebrew words can be translated as “wings:”

“The wings (Hebrew: “kanaph”) of the ostrich wave proudly, but are her wings (Hebrew: “ebrah”) and pinions like the kindly stork’s?” - Job 39:13 (NKJ)

In this Scripture, Job was relaying the fact that the stork, which is a mostly white-plumed bird, is a more noble bird in the sense that it has a more pleasant disposition than the grey and black-plumed ostrich and the stork’s wings enable it to fly unlike the ostrich! Now, since a winged dove is a symbol for Judeo-Christianity, and feathers and wings may have served as symbols for our righteous ancestors, could this be the reason God created the Cherubim with feathered wings, and why one of the Cherubim’s four faces is an eagle symbolizing God’s protection of His chosen saints? This possibility and the phonetic ties between “Abram” and “ebrah” undeniably suggest an allegorical connection between feathers and Yahweh’s earthly children.

END OF EXCERPT from “The Language of God in History”


This excerpt clearly explains why I see pigeons and doves as symbolic of God’s people Israel and those who are in the Body of Christ.

In closing, I wanted to share why I do not foresee that America will be completely destroyed and assimilated by the Antichrist. Instead I see an America divided by ideologies, with a large segment of those living in the United States and Latin America seeking to remain outside of the Antichrist’s evil one-world system of totalitarian control. To explain this, let me quote from Chapter 9, pages 369 through 374 of “The Language of God in Prophecy:”


BEGINNING OF EXCERPT from “The Language of God in Prophecy”:

The Mazzaroth’s Connection to the USA and Israel

There is another intriguing way to determine where the United States figures in prophecy - a way that no one to my knowledge has ever noted before, but that God has shown me. It stems from the fact that the continental United States consisted of forty-eight States from 1912 until 1959, when Alaska and Hawaii were added. Up until that time, the number of States was the same as the number of Levite cities in Israel and constellations in the Ancient Mazzaroth!  Could this be just a coincidence, or a highly significant clue into determining the destiny of the United States? Let’s examine this clue to see what it may be trying to tell us.

Since Alaska and Hawaii are not physically part of the mainland appropriated by the United States, and do not share a common border with the other States in the Union, they are not part of the continental United States. There are therefore still only forty-eight States that make up the mainland United States. Could it be that these forty-eight States are meant to represent the forty-eight Levite cities, and constellations of the ancient Zodiac? One day, God gave me the answer to that question!

As I was praying to God for help in finishing this book series one day, I had an amazing vision of the United States, and its role in history:


America - A Symbol for the Zodiac, and Ancient Israel


In this vision, I saw a bright blue sky where cool, cloudy Alaska suddenly appeared superimposed over a big silver crescent, and the islands of hot, sunny Hawaii were superimposed over a big yellow Sun shape. In the next instant, the forty-eight continental States were spread across the heavens beneath the Alaska Moon and Hawaii Sun. When the vision ended, it became clear to me that Alaska was being depicted as an allegorical representation of the Moon, while Hawaii was an allegorical representation of the Sun. Meanwhile, the forty-eight other States stretched out across the sky could only mean one thing: they must represent the forty-eight constellations of the ancient Zodiac!

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“Betsy Ross” Style US Flag from 1777-1795
This vision clearly showed me that the fifty States represent the forty-eight constellations, and the Sun and the Moon that pass through the Zodiac every year! Could this be why 50 white stars superimposed over an azure background represents every State on the US Flag? Uncannily, while researching the history of the US Flag for this book, I discovered that the thirteen stars on the original flag were intended to represent a new constellation!  This means that what I saw in a vision was anticipated and symbolized in the US Flag from the beginning. This suggests that, coupled with the US Flag, my vision is Yahweh’s way of showing all Americans how important the USA is to Him as a nation and people under God. Incidentally, the original US Flag had thirteen stars on an azure background and thirteen stripes: seven red, and six white. The stripes stand for the thirteen original colonies, which became the first thirteen States in the Union. Interestingly, the total number of the stripes in one color, 7 and 6, also indicate the year that America declared its independence from Great Britain, which was in 1776.

This idea that the United States is a symbolic representation of the Mazzaroth and of literal and spiritual Israel is also substantiated by the dream that the patriarch Joseph had when he was a boy (Genesis 37:9-11). In that dream vision, Joseph was shown that the people in his life who were signified by the Sun, Moon, and stars would one day bow down to him. Like Joseph’s Israelite family, the United States represents every nation on Earth, and one day every nation will bow their heads to Christ, including the United States! But on another prophetic level, Joseph’s dream vision suggests that the United States is truly viewed as a literal part of Israel in prophecy by Yahweh, not just a spiritual part of it.

The association of the numbers thirteen and forty-eight with the United States are prophetically significant in several other ways. First of all, the USA’s connection to the number thirteen signifies that it is symbolically connected to the Sun transiting the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac, as well as to Jacob and the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and Christ and the twelve apostles. Secondly, America’s connection to the number forty-eight indicates that it shares a relationship with the Tribe of Levi and the Gospel in the Stars.

Allegorically, the Tribe of Levi was the spiritual center of the nation of Israel, and - alongside the Bible and Yahshua our Messiah - the Gospel in the Stars should be a spiritual guide for the world. Since the number 48 is connected to the primeval Gospel in the Stars, which recognized 48 constellations, it is another clear indicator that America is meant to be a great source of spiritual light in this dark world. Based on the number of professing Christians in the U.S. population, and the many missionaries these American Christian congregations have sent out into the world, the United States is unquestionably the statistical world leader in both numbers of missionaries and churches.

Through Moses and Aaron, the Tribe of Levi inherited the priesthood. This suggests that, besides being considered a literal part of Israel, the United States is also being reckoned as the Tribe of Levi! This means that America is being called to give more spiritual light to the world than any other nation today outside of the nation of Israel. America, then, is a modern spiritual “navel of the world,” just as Giza in Egypt is the physical and spiritual “navel of the world.” As my friend Janice Moore pointed out to me, a navel is a scar left when a baby is severed from its mother by the cutting of the umbilical cord. It is therefore a potent symbol for the Fall of mankind, for this was when Adam and Eve were severed from their personal relationship with Yah and His Spirit. In addition, a navel is a symbol of our need for spiritual and physical redemption from sin and death. All professing Christians therefore serve to remind unredeemed sinners that they are damned without Christ. As the greatest bastion of Christianity in today’s world, America is a symbolic navel of remembrance among the nations.

Dire Consequences for Apostasy in the USA

 If the United States is supposed to be a spiritual light to all other modern nations, it follows that the failure of this country to give that spiritual light will cause the entire nation to suffer Yah’s Wrath and Judgment. Though the United States still has more Christians per capita than any other nation, the government of the United States is corrupt, and many apostate American politicians and judges frequently attack and ignore the Constitution upon which this great nation was founded. Besides the Constitutional freedoms given to American citizens including the freedom of speech and religion, the people of the USA once swore to be “One Nation Under God” - whose national and spiritual motto is “In God We Trust.” But the increasing failure of the American people to honor these creeds and be a godly spiritual light in this dark world has led to great misfortune for the nation. Clear signs that the U.S. Government and many apostate or atheistic Americans are treading upon dangerous ground due to their immorality can be seen in many aspects of American society today, especially in the:

·    Media promotion that homosexuality is acceptable, and should not only be tolerated, but embraced as an acceptable lifestyle

·    Murder, rebellion, violence, sexual promiscuity, and pornography seen as entertainment rather than sin

·    Increasing usage of mind-altering, health-damaging recreational and prescription drugs

·    Legalization of abortion and euthanasia

·    Rapid escalation of violent crimes, murders, and all kinds of theft, including electronic and identity theft

·    Active promotion of Evolutionary Theory, which relegates the account of Creation in Genesis into the realm of myth

·    Increasingly open hostility toward Christian morality and values in our schools and the media

·    Deterioration of our legal system, which no longer supports biblical moral law, but promotes “tolerance” of sin

These immoral activities are a great affront to Yahweh, yet many Americans condone these sins by their indifference or refusal to show any outrage. Can true believers in Yah doubt that America’s major national falling away from biblical morality has reaped, and will continue to reap dire spiritual consequences for American citizens? After 2001, how can anyone doubt that the material greed and moral degeneration of the USA and the rest of the world has inevitably led to Yah’s judgment and wrath? Indeed, though Europe and Asia had already fallen into many of the sins now becoming rampant in America (i.e. sexual immorality, promiscuity, political corruption, and apostasy) God did not begin to pour out His wrath on them immediately. Instead, Yah waited until increasing numbers of Americans followed Europe and Asia’s lead by falling deeply into sin.

Currently, the world’s crazy weather patterns are one of the most obvious signs that we are in the End Times. In fact, so-called “natural disasters” are increasing exponentially all over the world…”


END OF EXCERPT from “The Language of God in Prophecy”


Regarding my views of the future changes that will occur in the USA and elsewhere in the world, I wrote a very insightful section in my book “The Language of God in History” entitled: “The Ancient Origin of the 21st Century Ideological War.” This book section explains the role of the United States of America in future prophetic events in much greater detail. Here is a link to the PDF book excerpt, which is now on line at the Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site:

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This chapter will introduce you to the amazing revelations I received concerning the special purpose of the United States, which has always been to serve as a banner of God’s faithfulness, blessing and mercy and to give spiritual light to the other nations of the world. However, the United States is no longer serving as that beacon of light in the darkness due to the many evil or apostate elements that have infiltrated the Church and every level of government and commerce. For this reason, it is being judged as the other nations of the world and it will experience increasing levels of God’s Wrath unless repentance and revival comes to America and the Tribulation Saints in the USA and elsewhere learn how to pray and draw near to God.

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