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It's been several months since I created a newsletter for this list because I have been extremely busy working on writing, editing, formatting and publishing my newest book. With much-needed help from the Holy Spirit or Ruach Ha Kodesh and the prayers, encouragement, donations and best wishes of my faithful supporters in the Kingdom of God, this timely and fascinating book that views world history and archeology through a biblical lens is now finished.

It is called “The Language of God in History,” and it is the largest and one of the most fascinating books in the informative and educational Language of God Book Series.



Written to expose the dire plot against humanity perpetrated by the fallen Watchers and their evil Nephilim offspring, “The Language of God in History” shows how current world events are directly tied to past historical events that are prophetically recorded in the Bible, the Book of 1 Enoch, and the Gospel in the Stars.

Containing enough information to fill 3 ordinary books, “The Language of God in History” contains over 750 pages of fascinating information and many original charts and illustrations that you won’t find in any other existing reference work of its kind. That makes the special ministry price of $32.00 for an autographed copy of a book that has a regular retail-price of $40.00 an excellent value.

However, there’s an even better price on the book from now until the end of September. See below for more details.

To preview and read excerpts from “The Language of God in History”, click on the following link: PREVIEW the newest LOG Series book!



As an introductory special announcing the publication of my fourth book, prices have been reduced 25% off the regular retail price of $40.00 for an autographed copy of  “The Language of God in History.”

To purchase this big, quality paperback book for only $30.00, use the following link: Purchase the newest LOG Series book!

This special will end on September 30th, so remember to place your order for a copy of the book before then. In addition, the CD version of the new book in searchable PDF format is only available from the Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site, and it is also 25% off from now until September 30th.



If you're curious to learn more about my newest book “The Language of God in History,” you won't want to miss the one-hour interviews I did with host Bruce Collins on June 19 and August 5th, 2009. Though these interviews concern the same book: “The Language of God in History,” the subject matter covered in each one is different and highlight different aspects of the book.

To listen to these 2 new interviews and to access an archive of all my past interviews, go to the following link: http://pillar-of-enoch.com/archive/index.html



Here are summaries and links to read more from my two newest free articles, which were posted to the Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site this past month:


Sacred Astronomy - The Antithesis of Astrology

This essay can be freely distributed to skeptics to show them the biblical, and historical basis for believing that there is a Gospel in the Stars. It conclusively shows that this heavenly record in the stars has a divine origin, and a purpose that is, and always was revealed through the forty-eight ancient constellations of the Zodiac. It is a compilation of copyrighted sections taken from all four books in the Language of God Book Series, with some new material added, and it is being presented here as a free supplement that can be shared with friends and family when attempting to educate them about the wonders that God alone wrote into in the heavens.


View Online Version         Open PDF for Download


The Hidden Meaning of The Parable of the Talents

This new teaching essay by Helena Lehman can be freely distributed to show others that there’s more to salvation from sin than simply believing in Yahshua (Jesus). If you wish to receive full forgiveness, material and spiritual rewards, and the promise of everlasting life, more is required! In fact, those who don’t truly repent and live a righteous life limit the affects of God’s Grace and will lose some of the heavenly rewards that they potentially could have received in the life to come.

  View Online Version          Open PDF for Download



To read more articles like these from previous months, please visit and subscribe to the Pillar of Enoch Ministry blog. To do so, click on the following link: Go to the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Blog at Blogspot.com. 


You can also access all of my archived news articles that were published at the American Chronicles news site using the following link:




Due to be released in early October 2009, a new audio-visual video slide presentation based on the Language of God Book Series as now being created.  The Orion Code Presentation is a 1-1/2 hour narrated slide show in video format that reveals several amazing secrets that our Creator has hidden within the constellations Taurus, Orion, Canis Major, and Canis Minor. The video combines illustrations, audio, animations, and text based on all four Language of God Series Books into one exciting educational experience. The Package CD includes 1 Video containing text, audio, illustrations and animations, and one illustrated Essay in PDF format concerning the Orion Code that was derived from excerpts in all four Language of God Series Books.
The Orion Code is still in the Production stage, but is available at the special preorder price of $25.00 plus shipping and handling in the Ministry Bookstore, and is estimated to be ready to ship in October of 2009. In the meantime, sample slides from this presentation are available to view on The Orion Code Presentation Web Page, and a video preview will be available there soon.


To preview and pre-order this 90-minute audio slide show: visit the following link: Visit The Orion Code Presentation Web Page



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         Until next time, let me thank you personally for your interest in the Pillar of Enoch Ministry. My prayer is that this Ministry will be a blessing to anyone who comes in contact with it. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to share some news with me. You may contact me at: helena@pillar-of-enoch.com




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