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Greetings Pillar of Enoch Study Group Members!



It's been awhile since I let all of you know what's going on with me, and my book and web site ministry in the form of a newsletter. So, here is my first newsletter installment for 2007.


First, let me give all of you a little background into how I came to write my Language of God Book Series. The original two manuscripts that became the Language of God Book Series were written before 1991, and after many attempts to get these two theological works published, I gave up in despair, and stopped attempting to write books for a few years.


In 1993, I first felt inspired to try my hand at writing inspirational historical romances, but found I had a hard time writing dialogue, and developing characters. So, between 1994 and 1999, I went to quite a few writing seminars. In 1996, I went to Louisiana to attend the Romantic Times Conference there, and joined the Purple Prose Society at that time. I also joined the RWA. I learned a good deal at their local meetings and regional conferences. I also tried my hand at historical role-play on line for a few years during this period, and learned a great deal about Ancient Egypt, and writing great dialogue doing so. All this hard work at writing paid off, and eventually gave me a fairly good set of writing and marketing skills.


In 2001, my inclination to want to write a grand book on Christian spirituality returned with a vengeance. Subsequently, I abandoned my desire to write historical romances, and retrieved my very first writing project, which I finished back in 1991. It was a 345-page manuscript called the “Language of God - Yah’s Nature Revealed in His Creation,” and to me, and many others out there seeking spiritual answers, it is not a fiction!  :-)


At that time, I was called to re-examine that dusty old manuscript, dust it off, and re-think what I’d written so long ago. This is when my inspiration began to come in huge doses, and this motivated me to spend the last 5 years doing intense research, writing, and drawing. What resulted after examining hundreds of books, and writing thousands of pages is my four-book Language of God non-fiction book series, which I feel is the crowning achievement of my life. Not only are these books self-formatted, and self published, they are also exhaustively indexed, and illustrated by myself alone. I even did the covers they now have, which was no small task, and I believe God had everything to do with my achievement of it. You can take a look at all four book covers, and much more about my books at my Pillar of Enoch website at


This four-book series is almost finished now, with 2 books already in print, and two books soon to be in print. The books now in print are “The Language of God in the Universe,” and “The Language of God in Prophecy.” My other two books, “The Language of God in Humanity” and “The Language of God in History” will be in print by March 2007, and May 2007, respectively. Each one of these books has their own home page at my web site, which include large PDF format excerpts from the books, MP3 format interview files for the first two books, and links to on line reviews.


Right now, I am seeking spiritually minded people who are not daunted by scholarly works to do reviews of these books for and If any of you think you might be interested, or know someone who would be interested, please contact me privately.


Later this year, after my non-fiction books are finished, I intend to start writing my Pillar of Enoch Trilogy fiction series set in ancient times. These books will have a romantic element in them, as well as be geared to teaching some fundamental spiritual ideas that I believe originated with the righteous descendents of Seth and Enoch before the Great Flood.


If anyone here would like to proof read these books for me as they are finished, please contact me. Though I can’t offer a large payment for your time, I will do my best to pay any interested proofreaders a small stipend, give them an acknowledgement in the book, and present them with a free autographed copy of each book as they are finished.


In the meantime, I hope some of you will check out my web site using the links below, and give me some feedback if you have time. I’d be greatly appreciative.



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Well, that’s all my news for now. It was a pleasure sharing with all of you, and I hope you enjoy exploring my web pages, and book offerings.


Have a great week!


Kind Regards,

Helena Lehman