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Click the cover to learn more about "The Language of God in the Universe," A 430-page, illustrated book showing the symbolic and prophetic meanings hidden in every aspect of God's Creation, with a special emphasis on the biblical symbology connected to the Gospel in the Stars.

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Click the cover to learn more about "The Language of God in Humanity" - A 675-page book showing the meaning of Old Testament Feasts, Rituals, Symbols, and Architecture, the New Testament Parables and Symbolic Rites of passage such as Baptism and Communion, and their Connection to the Gospel in the Stars.

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Click the cover to learn more about "The Language of God in History" - An 800-page book exploring the Pre Flood world of the Sethites, Archeoastronomy, the causes and affects of the Great Flood, biblical World History, and the purpose and heritage of God's promises to Abraham and Israel.

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Click the cover to learn more about "The Language of God in Prophecy" - An 800-page book that exhaustively explores End Time Eschatology and Bible Prophecy, with text & illustrations showing the meaning of the Gospel in the Stars, the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx in their proper biblical and prophetic context.

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Book 1 - The Language of God in the Universe - Book
Synopsis, Excerpts, and Ordering Options

"Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever."

~*~ Daniel 12:3 ~*~

         This is the 16th Edition of Book One in the Language of God Book Series : The Language of God in the Universe - An In Depth Study of the Divine Language of Allegory Found in the Milky Way, the Constellations, Planets, our Moon, and the Earth, ISBN: 0-9759131-0-7.

Click Graphic To Enlarge

Revised 16th Edition of 2013

TO PURCHASE: Use the DROP-DOWN MENU to Select the Paperback Book, E-Book PDF, or Both. All Paperback Books ordered from the POEM Ministry Web Site come autographed by Author and Minister Helena Lehman and include a Ministry Bookmark and Ballpoint Pen.

Language of God in the Universe (LOG1) Book & PDF Order Options
You May Also CLICK HERE To Go To the Drop Down Menus Below to Purchase Two or More Language of God Series Paperbacks, and/or downloadable Digital PDF Books using PayPal or

         Like its predecessors, this newly revised edition takes a profound new look at Sacred Astronomy, the Gospel in the Stars, and their connection to the Bible. By understanding the allegorical Language that God utilizes to communicate to mankind, and applying it to the Zodiac and the Bible, both are shown to be filled with similar prophetic imagery. Many allegorical ties between the Bible, and the Gospel in the Stars are revealed, and once mysterious prophetic Scriptures suddenly make sense.

         The Universe, and the forty-eight constellations of the ancient Zodiac are like biblical parables on a giant scale. They tell a compelling story that fully agrees with the Bible, and the unfolding of biblical history. The Magi who found Christ likely knew this, and the book examines their possible use of Sacred Astronomy to locate His whereabouts in Bethlehem in 3 BC. Secondly, the parable-like allegories found in our Solar System, upon the Earth, and in various elements of nature are explored. By seeking the Language of God apparent in every created thing, each layer of Yah's creation can reveal startling truths about our Creator, His love of mankind, and His desire to save us from our worst enemies: Satan and our fallen nature.

         This 6 X 9 inch Paperback is 430 pages long, with 60 B & W illustrations printed on quality white paper, an extensive bibliography, and full index. Retail Price: $ 30.00 USD, L 15.35 in Great Britain. See the Ministry Bookstore for discounted pricing on this book, and the entire Language of God Book Series.

Here are some topic highlights that are explored in the
16th Edition of "The Language of God in the Universe":

         Is it possible that the stars in our night sky have a far bigger story to tell than most Astrologers and Astronomers are aware of? Bible Scholar Helena Lehman thinks so, and she's written a fascinating book called "The Language of God in the Universe" to prove her point. Topics in this well-researched, imaginatively illustrated, 450-page book include:
  • How the hidden messages in the Universe, our Planet, our Solar System and the Stars prove the existence of a Supreme Being, and show His character

  • How to read the prophetic messages hidden in the 12 Major signs of the Mazzaroth and their 36 decan signs or constellations

  • How to correctly read the Dendera Zodiac with its depiction of all 48 ancient signs of the Zodiac, and how the Dendera Zodiac may have been carved by the Prophet Enoch the Sethite prior to the Flood

  • How many Bible Prophecies are allegorically tied to the constellations in the Zodiac and the Signs in the Heavens

  • How the story written by our Creator that is hidden in the ancient 48-constellation Zodiac can be restored to believers and used to gauge God's will and timing for End Time events

  • Where references to the Mazzaroth or Zodiac and various constellations within it that have a prophetic story to tell can be found in the Bible

  • How the 12 Tribes of Israel are connected to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, and the Body of Christ

  • How the constellations tell us much about the ministry and kingship of Yahshua or Jesus, and immortalize many Bible heroes in the stars that were prefigurations of Christ such as Abraham, Samson, King David, Jacob, and Joseph

  • How God designed the stars to foretell major events like the Great Flood, Christ's birth, and the Great Tribulation

  • How the biblical patriarchs viewed the night sky, and our world using God's hidden language, which is found everywhere in His Creation

         For readers who are hungry to learn how all this knowledge is hidden in the stars, Ms. Lehman has prepared a feast for the intellect and imagination of every inquiring mind. A recent review of her book by Midwest Book Review explains why:
         From allegorical ties between the Bible and the Zodiac story, to hidden secrets of God in the Earth, Moon, Solar System, and Stars, and much more, The Language of God in the Universe draws spiritual connections through faith, philosophy, science, mysticism and wonder, and condemns the unrestrained use of the "false science" astrology. A passionate, spiritual culmination of a lifetime's study of both God and the stars.
         For those who seek to know even more about the hidden ways God speaks to us, the 16th Edition of "The Language of God in the Universe" is the first book in a four book series that exhaustively covers many different aspects of this complex subject. Scroll down to find links to some major book excerpts and reviews of this book. If you like what you see and read, you can use the Drop Down Menus below to purchase either the Paperback, Data CD, or E-Book versions of each book in the Language of God Book Series individually, or in discounted 4-Book Sets. Scroll Down For Purchasing Options for All 4 Books.

Before purchasing the 16th Edition of "The Language of God in the Universe", you can read book excerpts and reviews, and listen to audio interviews concerning the book below. You can also view the books' Table of Contents using the following link:

View Book 1 Table of Contents

         This book was the subject of a live interview with author Helena Lehman on the Big Finale Radio Show, hosted by Bruce Collins. To listen to this archived interview, you will need an MP3 Player like Windows Media Player installed on your PC. Then, follow these instructions: Right Click Link; Select "Save Target As", and select location to download the MP3 audio:

Listen to Helena's August 25, 2006 Big Finale Interview

         In addition to this Interview, Helena's book has been featured in book reviews on line. Here are links to several:

Read Book Review on World Sentinel News Site

Read PDF of Reader Views Book Review

Read Book Review At Midwest Book Reviews Site

         When you get to the Midwest book review site, you will be at the place on the page where the reviews under Religion and Spirituality are located. My book review is the second one listed under that heading.

BOOK 1, The Language of God in Universe, PDF Book Excerpts:

         IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The book excerpts below are part of a book copyrighted in the USA by the Helena Lehman, and permission must be obtained before they can be used in any digital or printed publication. Please Contact Helena by CLICKING HERE to do so.

         The following excerpts will open in a new window. Please either allow pop-ups to view these documents on line, or right click and save them to your PC, where you can view them after installing the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the preceding text link:

Series Introduction: God's Language - A Spiritual Teaching Tool

Ch. 1 Excerpt - The Astronomical Nature of the Heavenly Cherubim

Judaic Names & Allegorical Meanings of 8 Celestial Bodies

Orion Tied To The Great Pyramid

Celestial Signs at the Time of the Great Flood

Christ in Canis Major: KEY to the Star Gospel

Orion: Christ Crucified, and Resurrected!

Appendix: The Celestial Signs at Christ's Birth
Note: This excerpt is also available as a web page.

To read more, you may purchase
"The Language of God in the Universe" Or Any Of
The Other Books In The Language of God Book Series
Using the Dropdown Menus below, or in the Site Bookstore:

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Books in POEM Bookstore

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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PRICING: ALL PRICES REFLECT A 25 Percent Discount Off Retail Prices, and all of these Books are BIG, ranging from 450 pages to 800 pages long (or 2 to 4 times the size of an average book!).

Please Use the DROP-DOWN MENUS Below to Select the Desired Book(s). You can purchase individual books or the 4 Book Series Sets in quality paperback, PDF or both.
When you add items to the cart, the cart window will open in a new browser window. Or if you do not see the cart window, click on the View Cart Button at the top of this page.

Please note that All PDF books must be downloaded, and an email with download instructions will be sent within 24 to 48 hours after the notice of your order is received by the ministry. Paperback Books ordered from the POEM Ministry Web Site are shipped via USPS mail and come autographed by Author and Minister Helena Lehman. They also include a Ministry Bookmark and Ballpoint Pen as gifts with each order.

Language Series Order Options

Language of God Series PDF Book Download Access

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE PDF BOOK VERSIONS: The Downloadable PDF E-Books do cost more in price than the Kindle Book Versions, but WITH NO LOSS OF FORMATTING, unlike the Kindle versions. In order to access the PDF E-books, you will be sent an email with the User Name and Password from the Pillar of Enoch Ministry after we are notified that you have purchased the PDF books. Please be patient as the download E-Mail can take from 24 to 48 hours to be sent out after receipt of purchase.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to read excerpts and
PDF format books on your PC or I-Pad.
Download the FREE Adobe Reader by CLICKING HERE.

Don't Trust or Use PayPal? CLICK HERE to Open and Print the MAIL-IN Order Form for the Language of God Book Series, or use the AMAZON link below to go to Helena Lehman's Author Page at to find links to purchase individual Language of God Series Books as paperbacks or Kindle books:

CLICK HERE To Go To Helena Lehman's
Author Page with the FULL List of Her Kindle
And Paperback Books Sold on Amazon.

WARNING NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The Kindle versions of my books are not formatted the same as the printed books. So many of the tables and illustrations inside them are not clearly visible or understandable. Also, Amazon does not sell my books individually or in sets at discounted prices:

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